big picture edits

In these edits, I’m looking for logical flow, what information is included and what is left out, and how coherent the content is. I might give comments like:

  • Does this matter?

  • Can you provide another example here?

  • This is contradictory with the last paragraph on page 4.

copy edits

These edits are focused on making your writing sound better. I’m looking for grammar mistakes, wordiness, repetition, and confusing language. My comments might include:

  • Sometimes you capitalize “author” and sometimes you don’t. Should be consistent throughout.

  • Be careful of using “very” so often—it’s a filler word!

  • This paragraph is quite long compared to the others surrounding it. I think it would be possible to shorten it and retain the content. See my suggested cuts.


These are your final, final edits. I’m looking for mistakes you may have missed after the content is complete. We all need an extra set of eyes sometimes! My comments might include:

  • Missing a comma here.

  • This should be “their,” not “they’re.”

  • This link goes to a 404! Make sure to update before you send this out.



visual identity design

If we’re working together on your visual identity, my job is to communicate the personality and tone of you or your brand through:

  • Colors

  • Typefaces

  • Images

  • Shapes

marketing collateral

These are the materials you use to advertise or support your product, service, or organization, like:

  • Business cards

  • Posters

  • Letterhead

  • One sheets

  • Pitch decks

  • White papers

  • Brochures

  • Bookmarks

  • Postcards

  • Flyers

  • Social media graphics

web design

I build custom sites on Squarespace (like this one). I mostly create sites for:

  • Authors

  • Politicians

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Political or grassroots organizations

fun stuff

I really enjoy making stuff like:

  • Custom birthday party invitations

  • Gag gifts like parody magazines, books, and logos

  • Event swag like scented pencils and stress balls