I learned to write in kindergarten. With over 20 years of experience, I bring time-tested sentence construction and cutting edge paragraph development to every project. I can write your newsletter, your ad copy, and even my own name. 


Is your writing ill-tempered, unfortunate looking, or just not your cup of tea? I can rework your cover letter, proofread your manuscript, and give your thesis a haircut. Need suggestions or substantive edits? I'm into that, too.


I photoshop in my sleep. I'll design a snappy poster for your book launch, or help overhaul your company's visual branding. I also make and manage websites—sort of like the one you're on right now—and I'm a member of Squarespace Circle and AIGA/NY. Here's some stuff I've done



Author Stuff

Most of my clients are books and the people who write them. I offer specialized writing, editing, and design services to authors in need of websites, visual branding, social graphics, and more. Want swag and social graphics to promote your upcoming book? Let's talk!

Free Stuff

If you have a group or non-profit that is dedicated to social change, I'm happy to donate my services. Would you be a dear and send me an email

Other Stuff

Have you run out of ideas, or is your brain exploding? It's okay if your needs are vague—I'm an ideas gal, but I'm practical, too, and I'll help you determine what you want and what makes sense. Then I'll handle your project from start to finish. Wow!